Newington Day Centre Belfast

Newington Day Centre is a vital community organisation embedded in North Belfast. The Centre first opened it’s doors in June 1978 and for the last 40 years has been providing care to older people, as well as supporting their families and friends who care for them at home.

The Centre receives core funding from the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust. We raise the same amount again to provide high quality care synonymous with Newington Day Centre.

We have an excellent working relationship with great trust funds that through grants and various projects enable us to be innovative, flexible and be at the heart of good community care. These trust funds like The Big Lottery Fund, Henry Smith Charity, The Rank Foundation and Garfield Weston Trust provide invaluable financial support.

It is the support from the local community and community organisations such as Holy Family Parish, Saint Vincent De Paul and Newington Housing Association that makes the Centre a special place within North Belfast.

The philosophy of the Centre is to promote the independence, well-being, dignity and self-esteem of members.  The aim of the Centre is to enable people to remain living in the community, provide respite and support for their carers. In the Centre, it is hoped that all members are given an opportunity to engage in or pursue activities that can lead to an enriched lifestyle.

Members and carers are encouraged to decide which services or activities are preferable depending on needs and ability. This means that members and carers are closely involved in the operation of the Centre, both for day to day services and for long term planning and support.

Newington Day Centre, Belfast
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There are over 50 older people attending the Centre each day and we provide a range of services to meet the individual needs of our members.

Newington Day Centre, Belfast
Newington Day Centre, Belfast

The Centre since its inception has been the recipient of many awards in its lifetime. These are including:

  • Northern Ireland Dementia Care Award-Awarded to a member of staff in the unsung hero category.
  • Belfast in Bloom and Best Community Centre awards-The Centre and members take great pride in the garden which has won these two awards.
  • North Belfast Community Leadership Award 2017-Our Manager Margaret Mc Crudden has been awarded this award, which is a lifetime achievement award in the category caring for others and reflects the Centre's excellent ongoing service to the community and throughout the 40 years it's been opened and counting. 
  • Aisling Award 2015-The Centre has won this very prestigious award in the positive Belfast category, which is an award for the celebration of talent and vibrancy of Belfast.
  • Volunteer Group of the Year 2016-In this year the older volunteer members won this award at the Age Friendly Awards ceremony in Belfast.
  • Dementia Champions 2017-The Centre had two members of staff graduate as Dementia Champions with the Manager receiving a special award as the Belfast Trust Dementia Champion.

'Our members are valued for who they are at present. Whilst we acknowledge the importance of their life history, we do not always focus on who they have been in the past. We try to focus on what we can do to help make life better and enjoyable in the present. We encourage all our members to try new things, and we aim to turn negative situations around and enhance a positive approach to caring.'

'Members are valued, supported and encouraged to be involved in decision making and choosing of activities and the overall services within the Centre.'

Mrs Margaret Mc Crudden
Manager, Newington Day Centre